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Ukraine, Kiev, 04119, Vul. Degtyarevskaya, 27-T, the letter A
Phone: +38 044 490 58 46

"Черный Жемчуг" ("Black Pearl" in Russian) brand was found in 1996, when a face cream was created, based on the most advanced cosmetic ingredients. The quality of that cream was so high, that it caused a kind of revolution in the cosmetic field. Before cosmetics of such class were not produced in the post‑Soviet space.

One year later, in 1997, the range of "Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) increased by new cosmetics – so there was a full complex for daily skin care. The year of 2005 began with a new design for "Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) brand and launch of several new skin care lines: Elasticity, Lifting, and Aqua balance.

"Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) brand has retained its desire to innovate. Thus, in 2006, appeared decorative cosmetics from "Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl), a part of which contained active skin care components. It was developed in collaboration with recognised international experts, and produced in one of the major Italian companies – Intercos SPA.

In 2009, the brand "Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) revolutionised the cosmetic industry again, offering for the first time the treatment fitting age skin peculiarities. Obviously, women of all ages face different skin problems, so specific active ingredients are needed in order to solve them effectively. This approach was embodied in "Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) assortment.

In 2010, the brand considerably expanded its assortment. Special beauty programmes, aimed at solving various skin problems, appeared: expert creams, BIOprogramme, aging program, and IDILICA.

Accumulated, for a long time, experience and knowledge have pushed the brand "Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) for a review of principles of beauty and skin youth preservation. In 2013, new approaches embodied in innovative brand’s changes.

"Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) is the first brand*, whose products promote restoration
and strengthen skin’s natural anti‑aging immunity.

Skin immunity is a natural ability to neutralise negative factors leading to aging. At a young age, natural processes of self‑hydration, self‑restoration, and self‑rejuvenation proceed smoothly. However, over the years, the speed of these processes is gradually slowing, and the natural anti‑aging immunity weakens.

"Черный Жемчуг" (Black Pearl) is the first brand*, whose products promote restoration of natural self‑rejuvenation processes, and, therefore, strengthen anti‑aging immunity.

As a result, the skin is functioning as in youth!

* In the Unilever lineup.

The assortment of brand’s products
includes several self-rejuvenation programmes:
  • BIО programme
    BIО programme
    – cosmetic range including natural BIO active* components. They provide 100 % skin protection against negative environmental factors provoking aging (bad ecology, climate, increased ultraviolet radiation). * Bio - means the use of natural organic substances or the presence of such in the composition.
  • Expert creams
    Expert creams
    – the first* cream, which adapts to individual skin needs. Intelligent cream formula interacts with cell receptors, recognising and neutralising the natural process disorder. As a result, skin youth is prolonged from the inside. * In the Unilever lineup.
  • Aging programmes
    Aging programmes
    – cosmetic range, promoting self-production of your own rejuvenating skin substances (collagen, elastin, and Hyaluron).